Boston’s Trusted Staffing Solution

Founded on a clear vision of building long-term relationships between our clients and candidates, the Back Bay Staffing Group ® has earned its reputation as a trusted staffing solution for corporations, small businesses, and government agencies.


CEO, Joni Lee Rossi, formed CQ Personnel in 1987. CQ Personnel’s core mission is to open doors and support all talented, ambitious employees and companies striving to create and take advantage of new opportunities. CQ Personnel’s commended record of client satisfaction is built on a strong foundation of customer service and relentless commitment to integrity and diversity.


In 1992, the MacPherson Group was formed as a result for a high demand of legal professionals in major law firms, insurance and financial service companies, and biotech and patent firms. The MacPherson Group’s goal was to recruit from sources that enhance and embrace equal opportunity. Many companies relied on the MacPherson Group to place multiple legal professionals within a 24-hour turnaround time simultaneously meeting diversity staffing needs.


In 2013, the Back Bay Staffing Group ® was formed to combine the service offerings of CQ Personnel and the MacPherson Group. The company continues to support and encourage talent, promote diversity and create new opportunities. Servicing some of the nation’s largest companies, law firms, state and federal agencies, the Back Bay Staffing Group ® prides itself on being a true partner in helping organizations grow, solidly and wisely.


In 2020, Back Bay Staffing Group and M&A Supplier Diversity Consulting (M&A SDC) announced a collaboration to integrate their service offerings to make a one-stop shop for certification assistance, SDP Plans, B2B networking, grant writing, and professional staffing solutions.


Also, the Back Bay Staffing Group ® offers a Vendor Management Solution, CQ/VMS Global.The Vendor Management System is built to provide a space where hiring managers, vendors, and subcontractors can easily communicate and track jobs and candidates. CQ/VMS Global provides on-demand, easy to use and cost effective resources for direct placement and temporary jobs.