Not All Employment Agencies Are Created Equal

Our Service to You

Since 1987, our mission has been to support and encourage talent, promote diversity and create new opportunities. This mission, coupled with our tireless commitment to integrity and client service, has enabled us to consistently exceed the goals of our clients and candidates. Back Bay Staffing Group ® prides itself on being a true partner in helping organizations grow, solidly and wisely.


Our Value Proposition

Part of Back Bay Staffing Group ®’s unique value proposition is that we save our clients valuable time and resources by doing our “homework” before putting a candidate in front of you. By partnering with Back Bay Staffing Group ®, our clients realize corporate growth and revenue increases.
Download the Back Bay Staffing Group Guide

Download the Back Bay Staffing Group Guide for a complete list of all of our service offerings. Back Bay Staffing Group Guide

What types of firms, locations and positions do you represent?

A:  We recruit nationally across multiple labor categories.  The companies and firms we represent include financial services, legal, insurance, government, colleges and universities and small businesses.
Also, the Back Bay Staffing Group ® offers a Vendor Management Solution, CQ/VMS Global.The Vendor Management System is built to provide a space where hiring managers, vendors, and subcontractors can easily communicate and track jobs and candidates. CQ/VMS Global provides on-demand, easy to use and cost effective resources for direct placement and temporary staffing.


What is your Fee Structure?

A:  We offer a variety of arrangements including contingency and retainer.  Our temporary and contract services are based on a pre-arranged hourly rate.


How do I go about placing an order with your company?

A:  Call Dan Landerfin at the office 617 262 1313 or his cell 617-699-0872 or email


Will my job order with you be confidential?

A:  At Back Bay Staffing Group ®, confidentiality is a verb.  We never refer a resume to a client unless we have had detailed discussion with candidate.  We do not release client’s name to candidate until client specifies interest.


How long will it take to find an employee?

A:  Back Bay Staffing Group ® has an exemplary track record finding excellent candidates qualified to do the job within a 24 hour period, if needed.


Why should I work with Back Bay Staffing Group ®?

A:  Back Bay Staffing Group ® has over 50 years of combined industry experience, more than most employment agencies have been in business.  The company is woman-owned and a leader in diversity staffing.  We maintain a propriety database of over 10,000 candidates cultivated over a 27 year history.  With deep roots in the staffing business, Back Bay Staffing Group ® is a go to solution for many of the finest organizations in the country.




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