Your Firm’s Success Depends on Staffing the Right Candidates

You know how critical it is to choose successful career matches. You also know that your company’s growth is dependent upon having the right team in place. At Back Bay Staffing Group ®, we understand both sides of the equation — the employer and the employee. By examining all aspects of the hiring and screen process, we ensure the most optimal fit between the company and the candidate.

We are Gatherers of Intelligence

When you partner with Back Bay Staffing Group ®, you’ll save time staffing. Given the costs associated with advertising, you’ll also save money. Our trained professionals have access to a wide array of talent;the knowledge to perform thorough resume and background checks; and the expertise to screen and interview candidates.


Not all Staffing Agencies are Created Equal
21 years’ experience allows us to better determine ‘cultural’ suitability to a given office environment, size and location. Our insight into current benchmarks and trends helps us excel in the recruitment and placement of legal and administrative professionals.


 Making Hiring Easy – Rely on Back Bay Staffing Group ®

You’re the personnel manager and in addition to your regular job, you’re now filling in for the vacationing  hiring coordinator. You have three mid-level openings, and you just received word that the legal department is gearing up for a document production project requiring six temps. Also, your firm is looking to move to another office and you’re in charge of setting up appointments with new vendors for billing, accounting and word processing systems. What’s more, you have performance reviews coming up, new insurance coverage to review, and vacation scheduling looming. This may be the worst-case scenario, but it illustrates the stress employment managers face without the help of an employment agency.


Saving Time

It’s no secret that screening and interviewing applicants are two of the more time-consuming aspects of hiring. Receiving 300 resumes for an advertised position is overwhelming and requires sifting through hundreds of pieces of paper to find top candidates.
Scheduling interviews is a special project in itself, because the sought-after candidate you’re trying to recruit is not always accessible. You can have the agency handle it all, from screening resumes to scheduling interviews to checking references. This saves you time and valuable energy. A thorough process is necessary to ensure the right decision by any hiring manager, and an agency works closely with you to identify your needs. The right agency will only present candidates qualified to perform the duties and tasks required. This will greatly reduce the time you need to spend down the line.


Zeroing in on a Winner

Once the agency has identified for you a highly skilled pool of candidates, the process of interviewing them will be more pleasant and fruitful. Consultants will have already discussed the specifics of the job, benefits and salary, and will have screened out unqualified applicants. The personnel manager won’t have the tedious responsibility of reviewing all job duties with each candidate, saving time and making for a more relaxed interview.


Checking Backgrounds

The failure of companies like Enron and WorldCom illustrate the importance of hiring individuals with integrity. When you use a good employment agency, your consultant will begin checking references almost immediately, and by the time the candidate arrives in the client’s office, that individual has been given a stamp of approval.